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Kishwar Chowdhury

Chef & Food Writer

Kishwar Chowdhury entered the culinary scene with a bang when she stepped onto the 13th season of Masterchef Australia, placing 2nd runners up at the finale. Born and raised in Melbourne, her interest in heritage cuisine, sourcing ingredients and growing rare produce was cultivated in her from an early age. What sets Kishwar’s food style apart is her attention to seasonality, origins of food, cultural history and relevance of the dishes she creates.

This Masterchef Australia sensation who made Panta Bhaat and Aloo Bharta which is basically a poor man’s food made of leftover rice and never found in any restaurant for the Masterchef Australia finals is known to have put Bengali Cuisine on the Global Map. Chowdhury won billions of hearts with her indigenous food and cooked a wide range of Bengali dishes like Hariyali chicken with an Australian twist, Bengali Khichuri with Begun Bharta, and Bengali Patties, and pinning up the recipes on the world map by impressing world-class judges.

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