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Dr. Sylvia Karpagam

Public Health Doctor and Researcher

Dr. Sylvia Karpagam is a public health doctor with around 18 years of experience. She has worked on health and social determinants from a rights perspective with communities, networks as well as human rights organisations such as Amnesty India International, People Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), People’s Health Movement (PHM), World Health Organisation etc. She has been involved in the Covid 19 related public health and relief work. She is currently working on creating a draft public health policy document for healthcare for the State Karnataka


As part of the Right to health campaigns at the state and national level, she has conducted trainings, research and published articles. She has conducted mainly qualitative research on impact, particularly on vulnerable communities, of privatisation and commercialisation of health care and nutrition. She has published in peer reviewed journals about the impact of public private partnership and health insurance, as well as critiqued that lack of regulation in private healthcare.


As part of a larger campaign on the Right to food, she has participated in fact finding visits, trainings, advocacy challenging a centralised, corporate driven school lunch scheme, denial of eggs and ideological impositions through government food schemes.

Sylvia Karpagam is also working on the role of the healthcare system in enabling custodial
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