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About the World's First Literature Festival on Mishti

The Full Story

In celebration of Jugal's 100th anniversary, we want to pay tribute to Bengal's most precious culinary treasure, Mishti. Therefore, we are organizing the world's first literature festival on Mishti, Jugal's Literature Festival. This festival also aims to take a deeper look into the Mishti Industry through Research, Documentation and Conservation.

Our Vision

 To put Mishti on the global culinary map, while also addressing various social, financial and environmental issues the industry is currently facing. 

Our Mission

To bring together the leading minds in the industry and beyond including food historians, writers, culinary experts, dairy experts, economists and industrialists under one roof to celebrate Mishti - its past, present and future.

The Story of Jugal's

The legacy was started by Jugal Kishore Ghosh in 1923, on the iconic location of 1, Mahatma Gandhi Road in Sealdah, Kolkata, West Bengal. After his death in 1963, his brother-in-law stepped in and looked after the shop and started training Mr. Jugal Kishore’s youngest son Mr. Krishna Kali Ghosh, who was only 6 years old when this happened.


Since then, our proprietor Mr. Krishna Kali Ghosh has dedicated his entire life to building the brand which is now known as Jugal’s. Growing up Mr. Krishna Ghosh would come back from school and head straight to the shop where he would spend the entire evening learning the trade. Despite being an extremely bright student and having been accepted into two of the top high schools in India, he had to make a tough call and quit his academic career. Instead, he decided to carry forward his father’s legacy and join the business full-time. One of his twin daughters, Lahana Ghosh, has moved back from Canada after a successful career in the world of finance, and joined the family business. She plans to now scale her business to greater heights while ensuring that newer reforms are introduced to this highly unorganized industry.


Today, Jugal’s serves close to a hundred varieties of freshly made, handcrafted traditional and authentic Bengali sweets across Kolkata.

The Founder

Lahana is the third-generation owner of Jugal's - one of Kolkata's beloved 'mishti' establishments. After spending almost a decade pursuing a successful career as a Finance and Marketing Expert in Canada, she decided to return to her hometown with the sole motive of repurposing her century-old family business. Interestingly, she is breaking every glass ceiling by being the first ever to introduce women in a 'mishti' kitchen - bringing down one of the last remaining bastions of a male-dominated industry. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is our team. We have one mantra, we get things done!

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