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Avery Sengupta

Assistant Professor | Department of Food and Nutrition at Calcutta University

Dr. Avery Sengupta is a Faculty in the Department of Food and Nutrition, University of Kalyani since August 2019. She has successfully completed two post doctoral fellowships namely, UGC-Dr.D.S. Kothari Post Doctoral Fellow in the School of Community Science and Technology, Bengal Engineering and Science University and ICMR Research Associate in the Dept. of Chemical Technology, University of Calcutta after obtaining M.Sc in Food and Nutrition and Ph.D. in Oil Technology from University of Calcutta. She was awarded “Best Poster Award” in 66rd Annual Convention & International Seminar of OTAI,Hyderabad Nov 2011 and Won “Young Scientist Award” in 68th Annual Convention & International Seminar of OTAI, Hyderabad Nov 2013.

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