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Saira Shah Halim


Saira Shah Halim is a social and peace activist,TedX Speaker,an educator,a writer,a theatre personality,Image and brand consultant and a free spirit.

She recently contested a high pitch By-poll election from Ballygunge constituency fielded by the CPI(M) and gave the winner from TMC a tough fight emerging as the runner up.

Raised all over the country and in the gulf as an army officers daughter.Saira started her corporate career which entailed  graveyard shifts with some of the top MNC’s and corporate houses in training, learning and development roles .

Having hung up her corporate boots a few years ago to work for more meaningful and impactful causes, Saira  has metamorphosed as one of the more prominent social and gender activists of the country and spends her time taking up the cudgels of society,she is known to take up the causes of the disenfranchised,politically marginalized and is a well known face on Indian national television speaking on myriad social and political issues ,Saira is known to voice her opinions vociferously and with perfect conviction on national television.

Saira is a part of Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp a low cost dialysis unit for the underprivileged.

Her short film ‘Ek Khaas Aadmi’ can be viewed on youtube on NDTV Talkies.

As a conscientious citizen she is known to hit the roads for just causes,being felicitated with numerous awards for her humanitarian and social work,she’s also known to be a ‘wordsmith’ and a poet who pens political and social essays along with poetry with equal ease, She’s also a  popular culturist and litterateur known to ideate psychedelic programmes reviving lost art forms and is a regular speaker at the literary festivals across the country.

Recently she was awarded with the SAARC Womens award by the SAARC Womens Association Dhaka for her contribution in the cultural, literary and bi lateral contribution with SAARC countries at Dhaka in 2019.

Saira is a columnist with India Today and writes on policy and governance asides being a full time Mom to two young girls.

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